DLV 618

BSA Vacuum technology- solid technology with an economic price level

Vacuum tankers by BSA have established themselves on the market in the last few years and have been designed according to legal provisions. Vacuum tankers use the vacuum produced by the compressor in order to suck the slurry into the tanker. In order to spread the slurry the air flow of the compressor is switched over in order to press out the slurry with over pressure.

Advantages of the vacuum technology:

  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low wearing (pump is not in contact with the medium)
  • Simple operation

Disadvantages of the vacuum technology:

  • Limited outlet pressure (not all dispersive devices possible)
  • No complete filling possible 

TDW Turbo-Druckverteiler Tankwagen

Pressure distribution tankers- Simple but good

The pressure distribution tanker is used when slurry only needs to be spread and no suction process is necessary. The tanker needs to be filled via a filling dome or an external slurry pump. In order to spread the slurry a priming pump which produces a maximum pressure of 5 bar is used.


  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy to operate
  • High outlet pressure


  • No suction possible
  • Slurry cannot be pumped from one pit to another



TypVolumenKompressor Leistung
 Literl/min Luft
Vakuumtankwagen Einachser  
VTW 5 E5.0006.000
VTW 7 E7.0008.000
VTW 7,8 E7.8008.000
VTW 9 E9.0008.000
VTW 11 E11.0008.000
Vakuumtankwagen Tandem  
VTW 8 T8.0008.000
VTW 10010.0008.000
VTW 12512.50010.000
VTW 14014.00010.000
VTW 15515.50010.000
VTW 155 L15.50010.000
VTW 18518.00010.000
Druckverteiler Tankwagen Einachser  
TDW 8 E8.0005.000
TDW 9 E9.0005.000
Druckverteiler Tankwagen Tandem  
TDW 61010.0005.000
TDW 61212.5005.000
TDW 61414.0005.000
TDW 61515.5005.000
TDW 615 L15.5005.000
TDW 61818.0005.000
Tridemfahrzeuge auf Anfrage  


     *L-Ausführungen mit größer dimensioniertem Fahrwerksaggregat für 30,5" Bereifungen