Schleppschlauchverteiler Transportstellung

Drag hose applicator

This procedure has the advantage of reducing unpleasant smells and a low loss of nitrogen. Furthermore, this technique has the advantage that when the plants are already growing the green parts do not get in contact with the slurry and are therefore not vitriolized by it. The hose applicators are made by Vogelsang, the internationally renowned manufacturer of distribution equipment. The applicators are adjusted and mounted at BSA.

Available models:

  • SwingUp 2 AB: 18m
  • SwingUp 3 AB: 9 - 15 m
  • SwingMax 3 AB: 18 - 27 m
  • SwingMax 3S AB: 24 - 33 m
  • SwingMax 36 AB: 36m


  • Part-width section control (Mechanic or pneumatic)
  • Active slope compensation
  • TeleShift 
  • DoubleFold (Double folding)
  • DoubleSwing (2 Durchfan auf eine Fahrgasse by folding the boom)