Möscha Schwenkverteiler S77

Möscha Exact Swivel distributor

The Möscha exact swivel distributor offers a coarse-dropped distribution of slurry, which results in a low loss of nitrogen. The pendulum movement which is initiated by the slurry guide plates, working width of up to 18m, depending on the outlet pressure, can be reached. 

Möscha Duo Verteiler

Möscha Duo Swivel distributor

For larger working width of up to 21m the Möscha Duo spreader can be offered. With a transport width of less than 3m both swivel spreaders can be used on the street without folding it away.

BSA Doppeldüsenverteiler

BSA Double nozzle spreader

The BSA double nozzle spreader which is produced in-house, is based on the  swivel spreader principle. Due to a boom which can be folded away a spreading width of up to 27m can be reached. For a safe transport on the street an arrester for the arms and brass gate valve is mounted before the outlet.