BSA Prallkopfverteiler im Einsatz

BSA baffle plate spreader

The baffle plate or gooseneck spreader offers simple but effective distribution of liquid slurry. This spreader is part of the standard equipment of pump tankers and vacuum tankers. It has an aluminum coasted head and the angle of inclination can be adjusted. With pump tankers a working width of up to 18m can be reached, with vacuum tankers up to 12m working width.

Combined rear and side spreader

The Bauer rear spreader is a cost-effective possibility of spreading.

Bauer Duo Verteiler

Bauer Double nozzle spreader Duo 2000

The Bauer double nozzle spreader Duo 2000 is a combination of 2 Bauer rear spreaders on a folding frame. It offers a large spreading width at a good price/performance ratio.